Mincoh means profitability for your business

With MINCOH you'll get a return of 40% of your current acquisition costs.


Business opportunity

We are the European subsidiary of a Japanese multinational manufacturer of original toner

The economic crisis experienced in recent years made us think that we must take advantage of all resources available, and that these are not inexhaustible, so we must take advantage of all the latest technology developments in order to optimize resources, mainly economic ones. There are many brands of supplies in the market, many of them priced so low that for their manufacture there are no minimum quality standards, which above all shorten the life of printers.

For MINCOH the priority is you, our distributors. It’s not about selling you cheap products so you can get a certain return in the short term. We believe that you, as a professional Distributor giving support to your client equipment, you should find that point of balance between their profitability, offering a competitive price, and your own, with desirable profit margins. To do so, it is essential to have a high quality, competitive product that does not make you lose profitability with after-sales services. What you need is MINCOH.

If you are looking for you, the Professional with which to close an agreement of mutual benefit, where you can supply your customers a high quality, high performing product, similar or superior to the original, 100% guaranteed. We can offer you a comprehensive business, with products and services that meet your needs as a Distributor.

MINCOH is not a wholesaler of compatible consumables, MINCOH is a manufacturer and we will therefore offer conditions as a manufacturer. Become our official distributor, try our products and ask about our Partner program.

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Distributor services

MINCOH does not sell directly to consumers, our product is available through our extensive network of distributors throughout the country, which you can locate on the map or can request it via email at [email protected] .

We want to protect our distribution channel and marketing processes.

What can we offer you as a Distributor?

  • You can buy thousands of references of consumables for copiers, multifunctionals, and printers.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Professional technical support on consumables-equipment.
  • Technical Forum.
  • Buy-back empty containers.
  • Partner program.
  • Shop Online – Intranet. 365 days 24 hours.
  • Custom commercial support, support for public administration operations.
  • Excellent purchase conditions.

If as a Distributor you need something else, ask us.

MINCOH offers up to 20% more performance

In equal conditions, MINCOH offers a performance equal to or greater than 20% in relation to the original toner.

In MINCOH we exchange the toner if you run into a problem

We exchange the toner if it is not recognized by the device or the print quality is not adequate.


At MINCOH, we are so confident about the profitability of your business that we do not require a minimum purchase.

We have qualified technical support

Should you have any technical problems related to our project, you will have personalized technical support.

You will have a personal manager

In MINCOH, we assign a personal manager from the start, which will provide you with all the support you need.

We offer you favorable conditions

We know that every day is complicated, so in MINCOH we want to make your life easier.

In MINCOH we offer custom payment, cost competitive shipping and agile management.

Account management online

In MINCOH you will have an online store and an intranet for your daily tasks with us.

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No-cost trial

We will visit you and provide a trial of our toner, so you can try it out and check out our qualities yourself.

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